alpha mom

alpha mom
(AL.fuh mawm)
The dominant woman in a group of mothers.
Example Citation:
Many readers who were orignally seduced by the prestige of belonging to a book group can't stand the countless literary battles with alpha moms and type-A personalities.
— Elaine Daspin, "The Tyranny Of the Book Group," The Wall Street Journal, January 15, 1999
Earliest Citation:
A group of children I ran into at a New Jersey birthday party last month described some "perfect" mothers, real and imagined. Emily, 7, wasn't sure what her mother, Deborah Miraglia, did for a living: "I think it's computers. I have to go ask her." (In fact, Miraglia is a corporate bill collector in Manhattan.) But Emily did remember the day last year when her mother made time to volunteer at the school fair: "It was great. She gave me, like, 20 tickets for games."
A pretty 8-year-old wearing overalls and a deadpan expression vaunted the alpha mom who holds the most-sought-after playdate in her third-grade class: Backyard. Dog. Full fridge. Mother who plays.
— Amy Finnerty, "Status is ... for Middle-class 8-year-olds; A Stay-At-Home Mom," The New York Times, November 15, 1998
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